Hi everyone!  It feels like it's been forever since I last blogged, but my husband and I are finally close to being settled into our new home.  Moving can be so incredibly stressful and scary - it was a bit daunting to enter an unfamiliar place that I was suddenly supposed to call "home," but once we moved our furniture and hung up some of our photos it slowly but surely began to feel like it truly was; ours.  

Another big change that has taken some getting used to has been the cold weather!  Prior to our move to WI I attempted to do my research on "the best" boots, "the best" coat, "the best" socks, and basically "the best" of everything for winter that would hopefully keep warm, comfortable and alive.  Well, my research did not fully prepare me for adjusting to this type of weather - it's been such a shock to go from the beautiful warm Texas weather to waking up and seeing snow outside your window nearly every day.  Though it's a big change for us, it's absolutely beautiful here!   

To handle the cold weather I created a little "Winter Essentials" (pictured above) collection of items I've either been getting quite a lot of use out since moving to WI or that are on my wish list.  Live in a cold area?  I'd love to hear what your winter essentials are!  Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday, and I just wanted to quickly thank you all for following my little blog.  You guys are the absolute best and your continued support means the world to me.  I hope everyone has a beautiful rest of the weekend!


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