It's officially time to begin wrapping up gifts and I've create a couple of DIY gift wrapping ideas that would be perfect for this holiday season!  Below is a short tutorial on how to achieve the gift wrapping pictured below...

What you will need:

1. Kraft Wrapping Paper - for this tutorial I used this wrapping paper

2. Bakers Twine - in any color

3. One Small Branch - any thin branch you can find outside will do

4. Acrylic Paint

5. Gold Leaf Sheets + Adhesive - you can purchase this set

6. Two Paint Brushes

7. D I Y Watercolor Gift Tags - the tutorial can be found here

Start off by wrapping your gift in the kraft wrapping paper similar to the one pictured.  Then wrap your bakers twine several times around the center of your gift and tie a knot - be sure to leave at least 5 inches of twin on each side.  Do not trim the extra twine just yet, you will need it to wrap around your branch. 

Now it's time to move onto painting your little branch, select bright colors and begin painting! This part is really up to you, use the acrylic paint you selected to paint your branch however you see fit, but be sure to not paint the very bottom.  Once your branch has fully dried, paint on the gold leaf adhesive to the very bottom of your branch.  Then gently wrap around a small piece of a gold leaf sheet over your adhesive.  Allow your gold leaf to settle for a couple of minutes, then utilize your extra brush to gently remove the excess gold leaf.  

When you are ready, place your branch in the center of your wrapped gift and secure it by making knot around it with the extra twine.  Trim your excess twine and finally attach your D I Y Watercolor tag behind your branch (as pictured below.)

Remember that each gift is unique, so don't stress if each gift you wrap doesn't turn out exactly the same.  Just have fun with it!  Be sure to check back for more D I Y gift wrapping ideas!