For the second installment of the CAUTIOUSLY CREATED SERIES, I asked the super sweet (and talented ) Kendra Dandy of Bouffants And Broken Hearts if she would be so kind to answer a couple of questions regarding her life as an illustrator.  Below are her answers...


1. How did you begin illustrating?

I’ve always been interested in drawing ever since I was little. I was the kid with a giant tub of markers, crayons and also the one doodling in class and on myself with gel pens. A life long addiction! Eventually I found out that people could make a living doing this and I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

2. Describe a your typical (work) day?

My typical work day usually starts after I get home from my day job. I usually either finish something I was working on previously or start something new from my to-do list of ideas or browse Pinterest for inspiration. If I’m not doing that I’ll hunt down some blogs, sites, or companies to submit my work to or to try to find a job. 

3. Do you have any advice for other small business owners / potential small business owners?

I’d say it’s a long road. I don’t really see myself as a business owner yet because I haven’t had much in the way of business so far, but I’m starting to see things slowly coming in. You just have to stick with it and keep trying even on days where you feel like it’s pointless because if you don’t then you definitely won’t get anywhere.


4.  What is one obstacle you’ve had to overcome while running your own business?

Just trying to get it started in general since I have no experience with this and I’m kind of just learning how being a freelance illustrator works on my own. But the best way to learn is just to do it and the experience will come.

5. Describe your greatest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement was being featured in Frankie Magazine. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got the email. It’s nice to have that kind of recognition and to be published in such a wonderful design magazine.

6. And just for fun, what is the one item in your office you can’t work without?

I wish I had an office or studio! But obviously I can’t work without my watercolors, since it’s my chosen medium. I got one of those aluminum palettes and I buy tubes of watercolor and put my favorite colors in the palette and I’m ready to go.


A huge thank you to Kendra for being part of the CAUTIOUSLY CREATED series here on CAUTIOUSLY OBESSED.  If you're interested in Kendra's work (who wouldn't be?!) please check out her website and please head over to her Society 6 shop to purchase some of her beautiful prints.  

all images in this post are property of Kendra Dandy