Photo by Paige Jones

CAUTIOUSLY CREATED - is a new series that will be a continuing feature here at CAUTIOUSLY OBSESSED, which will feature small businesses + small business owners.  For the very first series in CAUTIOUSLY CREATED, I asked the lovely Allison Rhee of Flower Crown Society to answer a few simple questions regarding her lovely business. 

Photo by Paige Jones

1. How was Flower Crown Society born?

I created FCS in the spring of 2013 after I started making flower crowns for fun and to use as props for photo shoots. I started receiving a demand and thought it would be a really fun and creative outlet from my full-time job

Photo by Paige Jones

2. Describe a typical day at Flower Crown Society?

FCS has always been a part-time project of mine so I usually dedicate late night hours to it. But I typically start by checking my Etsy orders and social media outlets. If I have any new orders, I spend some time creating the crowns and packaging them. I also try to create a few extra crowns to keep in inventory for a later time. 

Photo by Paige Jones

3. Do you have any recommendations for other (potential) small business owners?

I would strongly recommend pursuing something you love. If you’re doing it for the money, the drive and ambition will most likely not last very long. Instead, choose something that will fulfill you. Think about what you already enjoy doing in your free time and try to create an option where it could bring in potential revenue. I would also recommend networking with as many people as possible in your industry; cross-promoting has been one of the best avenues of marketing for me, and it has been amazing getting to work with so many supportive creatives.

Photo by Paige Jones

4. And just for fun, what is the one item in your office you can’t work without?

I won a giveaway last year and received this print as part of the prize. It says “Be still and know” which comes from Psalm 46:10. I don’t always announce this, but God is one the biggest reasons why I started this project. I felt a desire that aligned with His to make women feel beautiful and cherished. My hope is to always keep that goal in mind!  

To learn more about Allison or Flower Crown Society, please check out the Flower Crown Society Blog and Shop!

A special thank you to Allison Rhee of Flower Crown Society !

all photos by Paige Jones