For the third installment of the CAUTIOUSLY CREATED series here on CAUTIOUSLY OBSESSED, I had the absolute pleasure of getting to know the extremely sweet Sunny of the beautiful Etsy Shop Maylilies.  Sunny is not only a shop owner, but a blogger and preschool teacher.  Sunny was kind enough to answer a couple of questions, and her are her answers below...


1. How did you begin your business?

I’ve always loved creating handmade goods to give out to my friends. But it wasn’t until I started working for Danni at Oh, Hello Friend who encouraged me to sell my handmade jewelry. With a leap of faith, I opened up my etsy shop and started making jewelry since. 


2. Describe a your typical (work) day?

My typical workday starts when I receive an online order through Etsy. The pieces are made for order so I get right to work. After finishing up the order I spend a lot of time on advertising my shop, finding inspirations through Pinterest for my blog, and connecting with creative people.


4.  What is one obstacle you’ve had to overcome while running your own business?

One obstacle I’ve overcome while running my own business is managing my time wisely. It’s been very challenging to set a time apart from school and planning a wedding to work on my business!


5. Describe your greatest achievement so far?

I would have to say my greatest achievement would be having my jewelry line at a shop called Oh, Hello Friend in downtown Fullerton. I’ve also had the privilege of seeing many of favorite bloggers wear my jewelry!


6. What advice would you give other small business owners / potential small business owners?

Don’t be afraid of what others will think of your work. If you are passionate about what you do, many will appreciate your passion. Also, surround yourself with creative people!


7. And just for fun, what is the one item in your office you can’t work without?

One item I can’t work without is, a cup of tea! 


A warm thank you to Sunny for being part of the CAUTIOUSLY CREATED series, please head over to her incredibly lovely shop to take a look at her beautifully hand-crafted jewelry or head over to check out and follow her blog over at