I'll admit, I'm a sucker for office supplies - there's just something about them that changes the overall mood of my office.  The only downside is finding beautiful office supplies that don't come with the not-so-beautiful price tag attached.  Here is a quick and budget friendly DIY on how to create your own gold glittered tape dispenser just like the one pictured above.  Below are the supplies that you need...




Start by painting on a thin coat of mod podge - make sure that the entire tape dispenser is covered.

Then, carefully start applying your loose glitter all over the entire dispenser.  Once you have completely covered your dispenser in glitter, be sure to lightly tap off the excess.

Repeat steps 1 - 2 until you are satisfied with the coverage of the glitter.  For reference, I applied 4 thin coats of mod podge + loose glitter in order to achieve the look of the tape dispenser pictured above. 

Once you are satisfied with how everything looks - apply one final coat of mod podge to seal all of the loose glitter.  

And that's it!  Pretty easy right?  The great thing about this DIY is that most likely you have the majority of the supplies at home!  Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed this simple DIY and be sure to check back for my print shop opening - I will be making an official announcement on this blog and on my instagram regarding the official opening date, so stay tuned!