Never know what to do with your glass bottles other than recycling them/throwing them away? Give this quick little DIY a try and you'll end up with some beautiful pieces to fill with flowers or simply display on their own.   You will need the following materials:

1. RUST-OLEUM in Lacquer (or any other finishing spray)

2. RUST-OLEUM in Gold 

3. Painters tape

4. Your choice of a glass bottle


To begin this DIY, all you need to do is prepare your glass bottle for spray painting.  If your glass bottle did not come with any type of labels that you have to rip off please skip this step.  Just for reference, I used an empty Synergy Kombucha bottle (if you haven't tried it, it's amazing!) that of course required me to rip off the labeling.   To remove the sticky residue and any remaining part of the labeling, let the bottle soak overnight in warm soapy water.  After that, the residue will be a breeze to remove. 


Once your glass bottle is ready, use the masking tape to cover the parts of the glass you do not want painted.  Then spray paint your bottle with the gold spray paint - be sure to spray in long even strokes to avoid buildup.  Let the paint dry for about 30-45 minutes, and apply another coat and of course let you bottle dry again for the same amount of time.  Once you are satisfied with the color remove all of the masking tape and apply a final coat of the finishing spray all over the entire bottle and let it dry.  

photo 5.JPG

And there you go, you now have a beautiful repurposed little glass bottle that is great to use as a flower vase or maybe even a pencil cup to display on your desk.  Hope you lovelies enjoyed this DIY and I hope each one of your is having a beautiful Friday!