My daily skincare routine is pretty simple and honestly doesn't vary much day to day.  Below are the current products I've been utilizing in the order that I use them.

one | LUSH DARK ANGELS - I tend to use this cleanser every other day to exfoliate my face simply because I found that using it daily was a bit harsh on my skin. 

two | PHILOSOPHY PURITY - This cleanser is definitely a staple of mine, it smells so nice and it leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean.  I use this every single morning (and night) on it's own or after I exfoliate my skin with the product listed above.  If anyone is looking for a gentle facial cleanser I would highly recommend this product. 

three | THAYERS ROSE PETAL WITCH HAZEL - After washing my face, I like to use this toner because it leaves my face feeling refreshed.  It also smells AMAZING which is an added bonus and serves a gentle makeup remover.

four | PHILOSOPHY HOPE IN A TUBE - The texture of this eye and lip firming cream is what really made me fall in love with this product.  It's extremely moisturizing without being sticky and it doesn't affect the application of your under eye concealer.   After using this product for a couple of months now, I can honestly say I've seen a change in the texture and firmness of the skin under my eyes and around my lips. 

five | PHILOSOPHY HOPE IN A JAR - A couple of months ago I was having some issues with my skin.  To be quite honest it was a flakey red mess (due to a minor, but very annoying case of eczema) and I had the most difficult time finding a moisturizer that helped my skin until this product.  It's been the only moisturizer that leaves my face so incredibly soft, and since using this product I have had no visible issues with dry patches or redness on my face. 

six | PHILOSOPHY HOPE IN A JAR SPF - As I've mentioned I have pretty sensitive skin and I never step outside without some form of SPF.   This product has been my go-to product to help protect my skin from the harsh Texas sun.