Arquiste for J.Crew NO. 31 Illustration by Cristina Martinez of Cautiously Obsessed

When I heard that J.Crew was releasing two different perfumes, I couldn't wait to get my hands on them.  I recently went to my local J.Crew with the intention of only purchasing one of the new perfumes, but I just couldn't resist and ended up taking both home with me.  Each scent is completely different, and both are so unique that I genuinely felt that I had to have them.  

Now lets get to the review of the perfume pictured above, the lovely No. 31.  This scent is described as "a little sweeter and a bit more colorful," according to the creator, founder of Arquiste Carlos Huber.  This scent has top notes of Bulgarian Rose and damson plum but also has notes of red vermouth, patchouli, oak moss and eau-de-vie accord.  As I mentioned, I had originally planned a visit to my local J.Crew to purchase only of the new perfumes, that perfume was No. 57 simply because of the descriptions I read online of that specific scent.  But after I had No. 57 in hand to purchase, I decided to try out No. 31 for fun and ended up falling in love with the delicate floral aroma it gave off.  No. 31 is feminine without being overly floral and sweet without being overwhelming.  

I read online that some people were comparing No. 31 and No. 57 to the Elizabeth and James Nirvana duo which I own and love, but now after owning all four perfumes I can honestly say that they are all completely different perfumes.  The only similarity I notice is that No. 31 like Nirvana White gives off a more feminine aroma versus No. 57 and Nirvana Black which are slightly more genderless as far as their scent. 

Each full size perfume (1.75 oz) retails for $78 and can be purchased online (or in store) - for those of you who are intrigued by both scents but aren't sure which one you prefer, J.Crew also released each scent in a rollerball packaging that retails for $25.  I will be reviewing No. 57 very soon, so please be sure to check it out!  I'd also love to hear the current scents each one of you is wearing, so leave a comment below!  Hope each one of you is having a lovely weekend!