Photo ©Cristina Martinez - Arquiste for J.Crew

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new Arquiste for J.Crew perfumes...more specifically I couldn't wait to get my hands on No. 57.  This scent is described as "more avant-garde" and "genderless" by the creator, founder of Arquiste Carlos Huber.  No. 57 has top notes of cinnamon bark and aged whiskey but also has notes of oakwood, cedar wood, labdanum and vanilla beans.  

Though I love both scents, I've noticed I tend to gravitate towards No.57 - it's become the scent I reach for the most simply because I just love the way it smells.  It definitely has this nostalgic effect and I found the smell warm and comforting.  It honestly smells like no other perfume I've ever encountered and I think Carols Huber's description of the scent being "genderless" is perfect, seeing as the scent doesn't come off as being specifically feminine or masculine.  

Again, each full size perfume (1.75 oz) retails for $78 and can be purchased online (or in store) - and remember for those of you who are intrigued by both scents but aren't sure which one you prefer, J.Crew also released each scent in a rollerball packaging that retails for $25.  I highly recommend both scents and I would love to know which scent any of you prefer, No.31 or No. 57?

Hope everyone is having a beautiful day!

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