DIY MACRAME PLANT HANGER ©Cristina Martinez of Cautiously Obsessed

As many of you might have noticed, I've been a little M.I.A on the blog for the past few weeks.  After taking some much needed time off from blogging, I'm back with an new DIY project to share with all of you that is perfect for Spring.  This DIY project came about as I was searching for a budget friendly plant hanger and came up empty handed.  So, I headed over to my nearest hardware store and stacked up on some supplies and decided to try and DIY this project myself and it turns out it's extremely easy and inexpensive.  

DIY MACRAME PLANT HANGER supplies ©Cristina Martinez of Cautiously Obsessed.jpg


1.  A pair of sharp scissors

2. One keychain ring 

3. Thick rope or cord ( make sure it is something durable)

4. (Optional) Four wood beads (you can paint a few of the beads before hand as I did with a little bit of acrylic paint to create a pattern of your choosing)


To get start all you need to do is cut four strands of cord, make sure to cut your cord at least 15 inches longer than what you want your planner to be when completed. 

DIY MACRAME PLANT HANGER Steps #1  ©Cristina Martinez of Cautiously Obsessed

Next,  slide your strands of cord through the key ring and at the midpoint tie a secure knot.  

DIY MACRAME PLANT HANGER Steps #2 ©Cristina Martinez of Cautiously Obsessed

Separate your eight strands of cord into groups of two and measure about 10 inches down from the key ring to begin your half-hitch knot.  This knot is extremely simple to execute, simply begin with your two strands of cord and take the cord on the left hand side and tie a knot around your other strand.  Keep repeating this and be sure to maintain the cord that you are creating knots around as straight as possible.  

DIY MACRAME PLANT HANGER Steps #3 ©Cristina Martinez of Cautiously Obsessed

After a couple of knots you will begin to notice that you are creating a spiral pattern as you go along.  Continue tying half-hitch knots until you are satisfied with the length of the knots and repeat this process for your three other sets of cords - for this tutorial I created about 20 half-hitch knots per two strands of cord.  

Next you will want to lay your strands of cord flat and grab the right cord of your first set (created by the half-hitch knot) and take the left cord from your second set and 10 inches down from the half-hitch knots tie one half-hitch knot.  If you have decided to utilize the optional wood beads for your DIY macrame planter what you will need to do is string one of your wood beads on the strand of cord you just tied a knot around.  Push the bead to be as close to the knot you just tied and tie two half-hitch knots below it and repeat this process for the remaining cords.  If you decided to not utilize the wood beads simply repeat the process for creating half-hitch knots (for this DIY I tied around 10 half-hitch knots).

DIY MACRAME PLANT HANGER Close Up ©Cristina Martinez of Cautiously Obsessed

To complete your macrame plant hanger simply gather all of your cords and tie a large and secure knot.  To secure your knot even ore, grab the longest strand of cord and wrap it around your other strands and create half-hitch knots (around 10 knots will do).  Trim your remaining strands of cord to be the same length and you then you are ready to place your plant inside of your new macrame plant hanger!  Once you get the hang of the half-hitch knot this process becomes incredibly easy and I ended up making two additional plant hangers in less than 20 minutes.  

I hope everyone enjoyed this simple DIY and if you give it a shot be sure to let me know how it went by leaving a comment below or by sharing a photo of your new plant hanger on Instagram or Twitter and tagging me (Instagram @cautiouslyobsessed - Twitter @cautiouslyob) so I can take a look at your beautiful creation.  Hope everyone is enjoying their Spring so far and be sure to check out the blog for more DIY's to come.