Whenever I pack for a trip, I tend to try and pack as little as possible.  The reason for this is I try to avoid checking in any luggage, since I'm totally convinced my luggage will get lost - never to be seen again.  As a result, I always stick to a neutral color palette and I like to pack in sets that I can mix and match while I'm away.  For a short trip, I tend to only pack the following:

1. Three Tops - two casual tops that are comfortable as well as one that can be dressed up if needed.

2. Three Bottoms - two pairs of jeans and one skirt.

3. Three Jackets - one denim jacket, one trench coat and another thin jacket to throw over any outfit.

4. Two pairs of shoes (plus the ones you wear to the airport) - I honestly don't wear heels often, so I prefer to stick to flats.

5. One Bag - I love a good tote bag that can be paired with any outfit.

And honestly, that's about it - I do pack some jewelry and accessories such as a scarf or two, but those pieces take up such little space that packing a few of each doesn't make a huge difference. If you guys have any packing tips or tricks, be sure to let me know by leaving a comment below!

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