Cabinet | Mirror | Basket | Rug | Chair | Sofa | Coffee Table | Lamp | Leather Pouf | Framed Art | Brass Planter | Pillow

I'm sure we have all been in the position of having to buy completely new furniture, either due to a recent move, lifestyle change or maybe you're just sick of your current living room, bedroom or office and want a completely new look.  Either way, it can be more than a little stressful having to furnish an entire room, let alone an entire apartment (or house) especially if you're on a budget.   Above, I've selected a few items that would be great for just about any budget, and for less than $1,600 (not including shipping or tax) you could have a completely new living room that's minimal with a small bohemian touch.  All of the colors are pretty neutral which is great for any home and you could always add more color by select different pillows, or a color piece of artwork.