Here are some images that I think would serve as great (budget friendly) DIYs for anyone to do at home.  

The first is a painted antler from Anthropologie priced at $98, which can be easily recreated at home.  All you need is an antler (I found one on Etsy for


) and some paint of your choosing! 

 Second is the Sliced Teak Mirror from Anthropologie priced at $298.00.  For this project, you'll is need a large mirror (I found a distressed mirror on Etsy for


) some super glue and though the original is made out of teak wood, a great and cheaper alternative are wine corks!  Just safely slice the wine corks into thin slices, and start glueing!  Layer the sliced cork until you're satisfied with the outcome.  

And finally for the last project, the Drawing Study Chair from Anthropologie priced at $980.  What you'll need to do for this DIY is find a wooden chair which doesn't have to be exact, but similar to the one above, I found a vintage folding chair on etsy for


 and you will need a pencil/color pencil (which ever you prefer), sand paper and a setting spray like this


at Michaels. All you have to do is 1. lightly sand where you would like to draw on your chair, 2. draw whatever figure you'd like on the part you sanded, and 3. spray it with the setting spray. It's really that simple!  I do recommend that you spray the chair at least 2 different times to make sure the pencil won't rub off on your lovely dress the first time you sit down to enjoy your new DIY. 








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