About two years ago, I chopped off all of my hair into a long bob.  I was originally was so excited about the haircut, but after it was done, the regret sank in.  Since then, I've been on a mission to take care of my hair (no heat tools) and attempt to grow it back to the length it was prior to the cut.  Because of this mission, I've discovered some really great hair products that I can honestly say I owe the current state of my hair to.  These products are pictured above and are absolutely amazing.  The first is Bumble and Bumble's

Creme de Coco

conditioner, which is a great investment because it literally last for 6 months, and all I do is apply it to the very ends of my hair while I'm in the shower and I tend to leave it on for about 3 minutes.  The second product is my favorite, its the Bumble and Bumble

Tonic Spray

, which is a detangling spray that is infused with vitamins to keep your hair and your scalp clean and healthy. The final product is the Bumble and Bumble

surf spray,

this was my very first Bumble and Bumble product, and it was what got me through growing out my hair.  It adds the perfect about of grit and texture to your hair.  Now that my hair has gotten a lot longer, I don't really use this product anymore but I would recommend it to anyone with shoulder length hair or shorter.  If you're interested in any of these products, head over to SEPHORA, and they carry these adorable travel versions that you can try out for less than have the price of the full size!

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