So I recently became quite obsessed with the cosmetics line


.  After hearing about the brand in countless beauty videos on youtube, I just couldn't help myself but to try them out.  The only LUSH store near me is about an hour drive, and with finals just around the corner I didn't really have the time to spare to make the drive, so I ordered online instead.  First let me say that what originally drew me to LUSH was the fact that they advertise themselves as a "FRESH HANDMADE COSMETICS" company.  LUSH is also vegan friendly, they offer a variety of vegan products and they use natural ingredients which is great for my super sensitive skin.  On this LUSH haul I only ordered two items, which are listed as Product 2 and Product 3 above.  The first product I received as a sample not too long ago when I went to the LUSH store, but I figured I'd rave about it either way.

Product 1:

LUSH Dark Angels Deep Charcoal Scrub

-  Let me start off by saying that I was honestly a little scared of this product, it's literally charcoal.  The smell isn't terrible, but it's not the most pleasant either.  Regardless of the not so favorable smell this product has, this stuff is AMAZING!  You need the smallest amount and all you do is mix it with water (it can be a bit messy) and once you wash it off, it leaves your face so incredibly smooth!  I've never seen such great results from a cleanser, prior to this product I had been using

Burt's Bee's Deep Pore Scrub

and I was still struggling with dry patches on my skin.  Because of Dark Angels, my skin was free of any dry patches, and was so completely smooth!  I would recommend this product to anyone, at around $12 it's totally worth it!  I would have purchased this product on my lush haul, but it was sold out online.

Now for the products I purchased from LUSH

Product 2:

LUSH Buche de Noel Facial Cleanser

- As I said, I originally wanted to purchase Dark Angels, but because they were sold out, I settle on this.  The smell of this product is pleasant compared to Dark Angel, which was a nice surprise.  When I originally washed my face with the product, it felt like I was scrubbing my face with oatmeal. Because of this,  I was afraid that it wasn't going to be rough enough to scrub all of the dry skin away, but to my surprise it worked just as well as Dark Angels, and was friendly to the skin (it wasn't as rough as Dark Angels).  This product is fantastic, the only down side is that it's seasonal!!  So, when I run out of this (which won't be for a while!) I will definitely be purchasing the Dark Angels.

Product 3:

LUSH R&B Hair treatment

 -  I brought this on a whim, I really wanted to purchase a deep conditioner for my hair, but after seeing the great reviews on this product I went for it. This is a leave in conditioner that you put on your hair after showering.  This product is officially a staple of mine, it has the most amazing sent, that lingers until the next time you wash your hair.  I literally could not stop sniffing my hair though out the day, it also left me hair so silky soft!  The best thing about this product is that you need such a little amount of it for your hair.  I have mid-back length hair, and I use a drop the size of a blueberry for my entire hair.  The product also did not irritate my scalp in any way, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone (ladies and gentlemen included).

Overall, I'm super excited about my further purchases from LUSH! Their products really surpassed my expectations.  It's great to know that there is an all natural line of beauty products that truly live up to their hype.  If any of you have any recommendations of products from LUSH that you think I should try let me know in the comment section!

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