This week was the last week of my final Fall Semester.  The feeling is bittersweet, as I'm extremely excited to actually be able to "relax" or at least attempt to, but at the end of every semester I'm always a bit sad to leave the rigidly scheduled life of a college student.  But now that I have all of this extra time to try and wind down, I told myself that I'd try to make an effort to take the time to treat myself every once and a while during my final winter break. So, I virtually rounded up a couple of items I think would be great little purchase to pamper yourself with. 

1. The first of my list is this

Bumble and Bumble  SUPER rich conditioner

- this stuff is AMAZING, it's a deep conditioner that leaves your hair so soft!  The thing I like most about it, is it comes in these adorable travel sizes and are great if you want to try out the product first.  


hair ties

are fantastic! Ever since I bought them on a whim at Anthropologie last winter, I haven't purchased any other type of hair tie since!  At first I thought they were a little on the pricey side, but I constantly was loosing or breaking those mundane black hair ties you can find at any drug store and purchase these has forced me to keep track of them (they're just so pretty I don't ever want to lose them!). 

3. This

NARS nail polish

is something I've been coveting quite a bit.  I have yet to try any of NARS nail polishes but hopefully over the break I'll make the splurge and treat myself with one. 

4. This

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray

is a great product that I would recommend for anyone.  It's a light holding hairspray that gives your hair some added volume.   

5. And lastly, I'd like to venture off and try one of LUSH's adorable

bath bombs

!  Apparently you just throw them into your bath and they make the water these beautiful bright colors (sounds so fun!).

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