I'm not sure about many of you, but I always seem to get caught up in all the hype of new products.  This proved to be especially true when I purchased my first set of makeup brushes and was thrown into a whole new world of brush cleaners.  Different websites and stores claimed so and so product was the best at caring for your brushes, but I've come to find that most brush cleaners that are marketed to be "brush cleaners" end up leaving my brushes slightly dirty.  So after many failed purchases, I found that using an all natural liquid soap like the one pictured above (Dr. Bronner's) work significantly better and are a budget friendly option as well.

All you have to do is:

1. Place a small drop of the water ever liquid soap or shampoo in your hand and swirl your brush around.

2. Rinse off any makeup and soap off your brush

3.  Gently dry your brush with a paper towel

4. And finally, remember to lay your makeup brushes down flat to dry (standing them up to dry will cause any remaining water to loosen the glue holding the brush together..not good..)




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