When I first heard about the ever popular little pink sponge (aka

The Beauty Blender

), I was taken a back by it's price ($19.95 for one).  So instead making the almost $20 purchase for one makeup sponge, I opted out for


version for $4.99.  As far as application, the Ulta's dupe provided a nice coverage and I was quite satisfied with my purchase.  My satisfaction with this product quickly disappeared when it came time to wash the sponge, it was such a pain to attempt to try and wash my foundation out of this sponge that after about 5 minutes of trying to clean it, I gave up and decided to throw it away.  I then gave in and made the splurge for the The Beauty Blender, and I'm so happy I did.  There is such a difference between the two products, the dupe is dense and as I stated VERY difficult to clean and The Beauty Blender is so soft and bouncy and washing it ( I used a gentle baby shampoo) is a breeze. I've had my Beauty Blender for a couple of months now and it's as pink and clean as the day I received it.  Between the two, I would definitely suggest to make the splurge seeing as The Beauty Blender is softer, easier to clean and last longer than it's dupe.

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